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  1. Can I sell multiple copies of the same item?

    Yes, but only a maximum of two. If you wish to sell a larger amount please contact info@Whoopedoo.co.uk

  2. Is the price displayed the actual money I get?

    Yes! As long as the disc is not pirated or copied, is in good condition in its original corresponding boxes or bags, is not cracked, warped, scratched or excessively damaged or was a promotional disc. The disc's packaging must contain its corresponding inlay, with all brochures and photographs in good condition and has been passed by our quality control. If you are unsure your disc will meet these conditions please do not send it to us, as we cannot return it to you.

  3. Do you accept CDs, DVDs and game discs without their boxes?

    Sorry, we don't accept discs without their original packaging

  4. What happens if you don't accept an article I send?

    On rare occasions, we'll have to reject an item after quality control tests because it does not meet our requirements. If this happens we reserve the right not to pay or return items rejected by our quality control department. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

  5. Will I get more money for items that are unopened or unused?

    Not necessarily, as we value each item individually.

  6. What's the minimum number of CDs, DVDs and game discs I can sell?

    10 items is the minimum you can sell. To access Free Shipping there is a minimum limit of 30 items.

  7. Why can't you return discs that have not been accepted?

    Due to the large number of items we receive daily, it wouldn't be possible for us to store every one of them until they're reclaimed. Any rejected items will be responsibly recycled, including paper, plastics and discs.

  8. What do I do if I've forgotten to include an item in the package?

    We will note this upon receipt and adjust the payment accordingly

  9. Can I add more CDs, DVDs or games to my shipping order?

    Sorry, if you have already completed the transaction, you cannot add further items. Please create a new transaction with a minimum of 10 items.

  10. Do you share my information with Third Parties? What is your Privacy Policy?

    We do not share your Whoopedoo.co.uk information with Third Parties. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

  11. How can I contact Whoopedoo.co.uk?

    You can write to us at our address: Unit 224 Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport, SK12HX

  12. What items don't you accept?

    We don't accept the following items: pirate copies (we reserve the right to retain and destroy all these discs); CD singles or free CDs, DVDs and games from magazines. We also do not accept excessively damaged or incomplete items.


Postage FAQs

  1. Who pays for the postage?

    Whoopedoo.co.uk pays for the postage. Upon Completion of your order you will receive an email with your order reference number, please keep this safe. This will be followed by your mission statement (info pack ) attached to this will be the free post labels. Print these and stick them to your box. Please follow the instructions in the mission statement. You can take your package or packages to over 19,000 UK locations. Please use our location finder to find your nearest Post Office or drop off point. Did you know that 95% of the UK population live within 1 miles off their local post office

  2. What forms do I need to complete: ?

    There are no forms to fill in, upon completing your order we will send you a thank you email with your order reference on please keep this safe. Followed by your mission statement, attached to this will be your free post label or labels. Just print them out securely stick them to your package. You will also receive an inventory check list, please check this against the items in the box please put this in the box and seal securely with parcel tape. Don't forget to keep a copy for your own reference. All you have to do now is take it to your nearest Post Office or drop off point at your own convienience

  3. You called to pick up my package, but I wasn't in. What should I do now?

    Our free We Collect service will leave a note with a reference number, and contact number. Contact them to arrange another pickup date convenient for you.

  4. I have taken my package to the nearest drop of point When will I receive my payment?

    We'll write you a cheque as soon as we've received and accepted your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays or games.

  5. Am I limited to a certain number of items per box or package?

    If you have more than 250 cds your mission statement will contain more than one free post label please pack no more than 250 items per package. One free Post Label for each box


Payment FAQs

  1. How do I get paid?

    We'll write you a cheque as soon as we've received and accepted your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays or games.

  2. When will I get my money?

    We'll dispatch your cheque within 10 working days, after we receive your items and pass them through quality control. Please note that our FREE You Send postal service is not high priority so your items may take 7 to 10 days to reach us.

  3. I sent you my CDs, why haven't I received payment?

    Even if you sent your items in more than one package at the same time, they may not have arrived simultaneously. On rare occasions, packages may get lost and if this happens we can help you to reclaim their value.

  4. I have not received my cheque. Can you issue a new one?

    We can only issue new cheques 14 working days after we dispatched the original. If your cheque hasn't arrived after 14 working days please contact our Customer Service, and request a new cheque. If you receive the original cheque after having requested a duplicate, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can cancel the duplicate; you may be liable if it is investigated.


Account FAQs

  1. I forgot my username/password!

    Please click here to recover your data.

  2. How I can view the status of my sale and my history?

    You can view your account status by clicking here.


Technical FAQs

  1. I can only enter one barcode at a time. Why does the system erase previously entered information?

    If you are having trouble using some technical aspects of Whoopedoo.co.uk, it's possible that your computer is not set up to use our website. We recommend reading this section of frequently asked questions.

  2. Do I have to enable "cookies" in my browser to use this website?

    Yes. We use cookies to ensure an easy buying experience for our customers and to save you time. Learn more about how we use cookies here.