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Mission: Save the PlanetGet that Whoopedoo feeling by becoming an
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CDs, DVDs and Game
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... And they can be used to make many everyday objects and utensils - from plastic hangers to headlight covers! Recycling is a great way to help you keep your house clean and care for the environment too!

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Recycling your CDs, DVDs and your game discs will contribute to the great mission to save the planet. What are you waiting for?

How are discs made?

Films, albums and games are recorded on a CD or DVD, and are packaged up a boxes or plastic sleeves. The process of creating discs and packaging consumes vast energy and resources and also produces waste. Understanding how a disc is made is a good way of demonstrating their environmental impact and the need for conscientious recycling.

No shortage of reasons to recycle

Why do we have to recycle? Is it really necessary? What will happen if people don't get involved? And why should we try to find ways to save the our planet Earth?

Global warming has already had a devastating impact on ours and future generations. The future looks very bleak unless governments, businesses and citizens to work together to reduce and prevent global warming. These are just a few of the natural disasters caused by global warming:

Landfills have a highly detrimental impact on the environment and yet still we continue to send most of our waste there. When waste is dumped in landfills, its decomposition process releases methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These are greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.

In addition, landfills have been proven to be the source of many serious diseases, some of which cause cancer, respiratory disease or birth defects.

Our Global Mission: Save the planet!

Recycling CDs, DVDs and game discs in exchange for cash is just the beginning…. As an individual, you can also be environmentally friendly just by recycling, reusing goods, and living sustainably. Recycling is easy, good for the planet, good for future generations and good for the economy because it creates jobs too. Now, it can even earn you money! Whoopedoo!

It just takes half an hour to make your next contribution to saving the planet. Set aside some time to grab a coffee or pour yourself a glass of wine and take a look at your music, film and game collections. You'll have a great time watching movies, listening to old music CDs and playing games that you probably haven't thought about for years. Make a copy of whatever you want to save on your hard drive, and separate the discs you no longer want from those you would like to keep. Then start recycling with Whoopedoo.co.uk!

Earn money and help the environment. Sell CDs, DVDs and game discs that you no longer want to Whoopedoo.co.uk. It's so easy to get that whoopedoo feeling! In our countdown to cash, it's time for lift off!