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Privacy Policy

Whoopedoo.co.uk is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. This Privacy Policy explains our data processing practices and options available to the Customer regarding their preferences in our use of information. Any questions about the treatment and use of data by the company should be sent by email to: info@whoopedoo.co.uk

The Website is owner by
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Files or Files

The data requested in various forms on Whoopedoo.co.uk web pages will be kept in files owned by SL Vtrades.

Personal data files managed by Whoopedoo.co.uk, are registered with the General Register of the Data Protection Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Personal data files managed by Whoopedoo.co.uk, are registered with the General Register of the Data Protection Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

For the purposes of data collection, Whoopedoo.co.uk collects our Customer information in order to manage and improve the process of buying CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and game discs. Whoopedoo.co.uk makes payment by cheque.

Whoopedoo.co.uk exists as stated in its Terms and Conditions.

Whoopedoo.co.uk uses our Customers' information to provide a personalized service, as well as to verify identity to detect and combat fraud. Whoopedoo.co.uk uses customer information to contact, send offers and information about new products and services offered by us or from selected companies that may be of interest to the Customer. For this, the Customer may be contacted by mail, email, phone or fax. In order to improve its services, Whoopedoo.co.uk may also contact the Customer by the above means for comment and suggestions.

Data Transfer

Whoopedoo.co.uk informs its customers that their data will be transferred to Pre-play.com company based in United Kingdom in order to process the items sold.

Information and data may also be transferred and used by all companies owned by or affiliated with Whoopedoo.co.uk. Whoopedoo.co.uk agrees not to provide their Customers' information to any other company or entity unless this is required or permitted by law. Whoopedoo.co.uk may pass on information that does not personally identify customers for promotional, marketing and strategic development.

Customer information can be used to verify Customers' identity and prevent fraud. In these cases, Customer information may be transferred to official credit checking agencies for data verification and consultation.

Data Collection

Whoopedoo.co.uk collects information from the data provided by the Customer when they register on the website. We collect information when the Customer uses the Whoopedoo.co.uk website as well as other sites and web pages that the customer visits and that are accessible from the Whoopedoo.co.uk website. Whoopedoo.co.uk also collects information about the Customer's transactions including those the Customer performs during the sale on the Whoopedoo.co.uk website and on other websites.

Whoopedoo.co.uk may also collect additional information derived from the Customer's participation in contests or promotions offered by Whoopedoo.co.uk, as well as information provided by the Customer from online forms including any comments and suggestions. Whoopedoo.co.uk also records the traffic patterns of our Customers and they make use of the website to help us improve our services.

Visiting the website Whoopedoo.co.uk does not require the User to provide any personal information. When collecting data, we will indicate which is voluntary or mandatory data through visual elements such as windows, asterisks or symbols next to the requested information, or similar means to those described above. Refusal to provide this mandatory data will mean the User will not be able to access the service for which the data was requested.

The website Whoopedoo.co.uk may contain links to other sites and Web pages that are not controlled by Whoopedoo.co.uk. Users accessing such websites are not protected by this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policies of other websites which the Customer may access through the links on the page Whoopedoo.co.uk could differ from Whoopedoo.co.uk's Privacy Policy.


Whoopedoo.co.uk uses cookies to identify registered users to ensure a smooth and easy service, removing the need for the User to register repeatedly as well as ensuring the security and authenticity of registered Users. We use cookies to enable buying and selling mechanisms and to control and monitor traffic on the website.

Unregistered users will receive anonymous cookies that enable the company to establish general browsing patterns and create a general profile for unregistered users. Users who click on the ads on the website Whoopedoo.co.uk or on any website that has a link to or from Whoopedoo.co.uk will receive anonymous cookies that will allow the company to analyze the effectiveness of advertising and assess and manage Whoopedoo.co.uk's relationship with its affiliated websites.

The anonymous user is not required to accept cookies to browse the website. However, cookies must be accepted in order to buy or sell online or to access certain services reserved for registered Users. Most browsers allow you to accept or decline cookies. More information on these features can be found in the "Help" menu of your browser.

Data processing

Whoopedoo.co.uk guarantees that the treatment of its Customers' personal data will be held in strictest confidence.

Whoopedoo.co.uk reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy in order to adapt it to the applicable legislative requirements.

Whoopedoo.co.uk will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access.

Customers and Users are liable for the accuracy of information provided. It is the responsibility of the Customers or Whoopedoo.co.uk's Users to communicate any changes or updates to your personal information by contacting the company at the address listed at the beginning of this Privacy Policy, Whoopedoo.co.uk is not responsible for maintaining and updating User information.

The customer may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at the address listed at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. To request a copy of your personal information held by Whoopedoo.co.uk, please write to us, including proof of identity to the above address.