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Sell CDs, DVDs Or Video Game Discs To Whoopedoo And Make CASH!

Wednesday 01st May 2013

Whoopedoo, the new website that lets people convert their old or unwanted CDs, DVDs and game discs into cash, has officially launched today! With the goal of offering competitive pricing in the disc buying market - Whoopedoo aim to offer consumers a way to create extra cash, whilst saving the world from environmental waste.

Whoopedoo logo

The service is simple to use. Users go to Whoopedoo.co.uk type in the barcode of the disc and click 'Start Selling'. The website will search its database and make a cash offer for each disc.

Whoopedoo then send out prepaid padded envelopes for users to send in their discs. The discs are checked over by quality control, and a cheque is sent out.

All CDs, DVDs and games must be in perfect working order. This means that they'll need to have the correct covers, and include any brochures, photographs and artwork. The box should also be in good condition.

There are millions of CD's, DVD's and games discs out there, so the opportunities to make cash are endless! Whoopedoo!!

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