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Please read these terms carefully

  1. Discs must be sent in their respective cases .
  2. Discs should not be pirated or copied.
  3. Discs should not be excessively cracked, warped, scratched or damaged (although we do accept everyday wear and tear).
  4. Items must contain all original packaging, including: corresponding cover, with all booklets, photographs and artwork.
  5. Ensure the cover, disc label, inlay and cover booklets are not ripped, defaced or damaged.
  6. The packaging of the CD, DVD or game disc must be in good condition. The packaging must not be stained, broken or torn, or have stains or ink pen marks.
  7. We only accept sales from the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands.
  8. The barcode entered must exactly match the item's barcode. If the barcode is different or if the disc does not have a barcode, Whoop-e-doo reserves the right not to accept the CD, DVD or game disc.
  9. We do not accept game discs that have missing original instruction booklets or have no artwork or no original artwork.

These are mandatory requirements for discs and items that can be accepted by reserves the right not to pay for items that are damaged and we cannot return or forward unaccepted items. For more information, you can review our Terms and Conditions.