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Getting cash FAST for your old CDs, DVDs and game discs has never been easier! Get that whoopedoo feeling by following the Countdown to Cash.

Countdown to Cash! 5-4-3-2-1. Whoopedoo!

Step 5 / Check your items

Check that your CD/DVD/game works properly, is in good condition and has its original cover, the box and all instructions.

Step 4 / Enter the barcode

There are three easy ways to enter the barcode:

Once you've entered all your items (minimum 10), click Sell

35 Items required to qualify for our free you send service

Step 3 / Check the amount

Press "Enter" on your keyboard or click on "Start Selling"

In a matter of seconds, you'll find out just how much money you can make with Whoopedoo.co.uk!

Step 2 / Send items for FREE

Send your CDs, DVDs and Games to us for free : Use Our You Send Service

1) You Send for FREE

Whoopedoo.co.uk sends a mission statement with your Send FREE post labels attached, choose how you would like to receive these by email or post.

Make sure you've securely packaged your CDs, DVDs and game discs in a cardboard box, as well as including their covers and original boxes and booklets. Without them, your discs cannot be accepted.

Simply stick your Free You Send Shipping labels to the box and drop the box into the nearest Post Office or drop off point . Did you know 95% of the UK population life within 1 miles of a Post office

sending your items is a snap, and better still they'll be fully insured! Whoopedoo, To complete your sale, we'll need a minimum of 10 articles and a maximum of 250 per box any more than this we will send you more than 1 FREEpost label.!

2) FREE We Collect Service

Whoopedoo.co.uk will send you collection labels, which contain all the necessary information, as well as saving you time. Just print the label and stick it on the box. If you don't have a printer simply write your transaction number and "Whoopedoo.co.uk" on one side of the box.

To complete your sale, we'll need a minimum of 10 articles and a maximum of 450 per shipment. Remember, if you send us more than 30 items, we'll pick it up quickly and for FREE from your home!

Step 1 / Get your cash! Whoopedoo!

When we've received your items, verified the barcodes and passed them through quality control, we'll send you a confirmation of sale and you'll get your money.

Whoopedoo.co.uk is a fast and easy way to get cash fast AND save space at home. If you need more information, go to Help and Support by clicking here


For us to accept your items, all CDs, DVDs and games that you send us must be in perfect working order. This means that they'll need to have the correct covers, and include any brochures, photographs and artwork. The box should be in good condition, (although we don't mind if it has the odd scratch from everyday use).