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who we are

Whoopedoo.co.uk was created by a team of entrepreneurs who had the great idea of offering people the opportunity to recycle unwanted CDs, DVDs and game discs to make money … FAST!

Technology now exists to allow discs to be recycled. As well as helping the environment, every recycled disc also has a monetary value.

Saving space…

Our team realized that we could provide an easy way for people to get rid of their sad old collections of music, movies and games cluttering up their homes. Instead of the hassle of selling them on online auction sites, we created a system for reading barcodes, adding free shipping as well as FREE home collection.

Now it's as quick and easy to make money as binning your old stuff, and you can do it from home too. Just type in the barcode and start SELLING. Or you can even scan the barcode using your webcam, or IPhone or Android App (click here).

Saving the Planet…

We lead by example with our responsible environmental policy: we use recycled packaging and we minimize the maximum carbon footprint of our office and our warehouse.

What's the limit ...? There is no limit! What's more, we'll continue scouring the galaxy to offer new ways for you to make money ... and save space at home! Whoopedoo!

Our contact information:

Our Contact information
Unit 224
Vernon Mill
Mersey Street


How It Works

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